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2 Day Complete Kitchen

After - Paint added the finishing touch to complete this Kitchen


Once the counter was cleared and everything had it's place, it was easy to keep it clear, it was a breath of fresh air - right Velcro the cat.

After - Reduce, Sort and assign Everything has it's place


Except for a few essentials, everything had a home out of site, but not out of reach.  Only thing left is to paint!

After - Each shelf had a theme so no more waste


I don't stylize the end results, these are their things and how they work for them.  They have a lot to choose from but, they love to cook.

Before - Almost impossible to find utensils, food or pans


Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Before - Clutter Caused Anxiety


With the washer and dryer in the kitchen this was a perfect spot to dump things causing visual clutter.  Now this space is used to fold and temporarily stack clean clothes.  Much better use of space!

Before - the food was piles high with lots of expired packages


Horizontal spacing help lose lots of space.  Items on the bottom are quickly forgotten.  Also, items were put where they fit, not where they belonged.


This project took 2 full days, about 14 hours total.  We decided to tackle it all at once.  We could have done the food first, then the non-food item, but we hit it hard and had the entire job done in a weekend.

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