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Clear It Up Pro

teaching new habits to stay tidy

Clear It Up Pro

teaching new habits to stay tidy

Regain freedom when you simplify, let me help clear your space!


Regain freedom when you simplify, let me help clear your space!

See what my clients have to say

Attic and Garage clean out

"Wendy jumped in and within a few days had my garage and attic organized and sorted so now I know where everything is and where to put it back after I use it.  I decided it was time to empty my attic that had 40 years worth of stuff.  Now my attic has my holiday items neatly categorized and easy to access."   -Gayle K.

Complete kitchen Clean out

"I found Wendy Miller at Clear It Up Pro late one night on an angst-driven Google search...
 My husband was concerned that his things would be "organized out of existence". He need not have feared. Wendy has many tricks designed to get things done quickly while keeping people calm. She structured the job so that we could finish the easy stuff first and see the progress, then sit back while she attended to the hard stuff. By the end of the first day, the kitchen was completely emptied!"  -Kate A.

Piles of papers and cord no more

"I had an overwhelming amount of paperwork to get through and deal with. Some of it important, most of it not. Wendy went through it all, organized it, and managed going through it in approachable chunks. She understands the human side of getting things done and helped me get past my procrastination. Before I knew it, it was all gone and handled. I couldn't have done it without her! With new confidence, we then organized my piles of cables and phone chargers! Life is better without those clouds over my head."  -Larry M.

Garage Remodel

"My messy dark garage transformed into a light bright showcase, Found new homes for all the extra tools I rarely used.  Wendy used her Quick Sort method to help me determine my zones.  Once sorted I was able to go through a smaller set of items, less overwhelming and get rid of more than half the stuff allowing me to keep only the things I would use.  She gave me peace of mind to let things go.  Definitely improved my opinion of my garage."  -Danny C.

Downsized and made a profit

"I had to move and Wendy helped me get rid of a ton.  We had a garage sale and I was able to cover most of the cost.  She uses technology - people could use a credit card at my garage sale - who knew?  When we were finished, I was able to rent a small moving van, it took less time and my new place is not a mess."  - Alice M.

Budget friendly decor

"I was being treated for cancer and wanted a place to rest outside on my porch but my porch was a mess and it got direct sunlight in the afternoon.  Wendy cleared off the porch and able to explain that the space is worth more than the old items I had collected.  I kept a few items like my son's Tonka trucks and as a surprise, Wendy planted succulents in them and they are just so much fun.  She also installed a huge curtain using metal piping for the rod.  I am so happy with this new space."  - Mary

My Promise

I'll start where you are

I can help if you want to make a small change or completely start over.  I can use items you already have and won't suggest expensive solutions.

Keep the budget in mind

I love to repurpose things to save money, I also do many repairs myself.  I do suggest a few purchases, but they won't break the bank.

Reducing is possible

Reducing your stuff is important to have a clutter free space.  Understanding why and what to get rid of is very important to me.  Keep that special something that makes you smile, but you can let go of those things that have lesser value to you than the space - no, it is not as easy as it sounds, so I am there to help coach you through those choices.


We will be partners in this journey and I will keep you posted on scope, schedule and budget every day.  I use on-line tools for collaboration, too.

I'll be on time

Time is money and I am very timely.  If for some reason I do run late, I will keep you posted if will impact the project.

Here are a few FAQs

I do get some home organization questions often about decluttering, and perhaps you have the same questions, check out the FAQs to see if your answer is there.  Let the art of a Professional Organizer help you stay tidy.


How to stay organized and clutter free


Through a proven and efficient sorting process, I will not only help you clear your space, but teach you technics to keep it that way for life.

Clearing homes, attics, garages


Do you need someone to clear an estate, get you ready to move or just need your attic and garage cleared up, let me get dirty to get your space back.  As your professional organizer we declutter and through my 6 step process of home organization learn how to keep it that way.

Sales and Donating management


Someone's trash is another's treasure is very true, I have many stories about this.  I will evaluate your items and get as much money as possible, then insure the remaining goes to a wonderful charity


Clear up your space - let me help


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